The best thing you can tell someone: I see you.

I see you. (Pause). I hear you. (Pause). YOU are here doing the best you can in THIS moment. (Pause). And we know your potential is unlimited, so once you feel like you’ve got a grasp of this time of  your life, dive deeper, show up bigger, for yourself and for others.

Maybe that’s all any of us ever need to hear? Acknowledgment.

We’re not here just to be your cheerleader, we want to inspire you, push you and give some tough love to help catalyst you to YOUR next level of greatness.

The most incredible part of our work at is getting to see and hear from so many women of ALL ages, ALL walks of life, and ALL levels in fitness. Your stories will never stop inspiring us to keep showing up because  as many of you talk about your strong connection to SIB, we are connected to YOU. We see you and it keeps us going.

As a mom (sorry #momcard) of a newly two year old and freshly four year old, I feel like I am JUST NOW feeling like myself again. Like we’ve been in a snow globe for the past few years and all the little white dots have finally settled (and yes, “settled” is relative term when talking about young kids). Along my journey in both motherhood and in business, the most powerful words that have ever been spoken to me are something like, “I see you and all you are doing. I just want you to know I think you’re doing a great job.” And so, I’ve learned to tell MYSELF THIS. Yes, I’m not even going to feel bad about it. I create positive self talk in my head all the time, have you tried this?

Each of our lives look different. Each of our hard is different. I’m not here deciding who’s hard is harder. That’s just not fair; it’s all relative. I’m here to share my own truth because it’s the only thing I truly know.

So YOU, yes you, give yourself some love, tell yourself you ARE enough, and then make some movement! Physically, emotionally, spiritually. Move towards the next great level of YOU. It might feel a little uncomfortable, a little scary. But keep going. Space out the uncomfortable opportunities with some big love spaces (keep doing the things that make you feel good too!). Each day you have to choose to keep moving in this positive direction. EACH damn day.

Don’t you dare forget, we’re out here scaring the s%^t out of ourselves knowing THIS kinda courage will bring us to a NEW perspective and new love. So get in here, let’s LEVEL UP together.

Happy Monday, let’s do something this week that feels different!



Melissa is the Founder and Director of, mother of 2, and lover of dreams and guacamole.


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