2019 is like a new white pantsuit

The beginning of 2019 is full of so much hope and opportunity. Like a new white pantsuit you haven’t stained yet.  Oh, it’s so BRIGHT!

Just like there’s something about writing in the last page of a notebook that feels satisfactory in the same way that it’s refreshing to open a new one. While the first feels both rewarding and finished as you put in time and energy into a completed project, the later feels so…untouched and new.

In fact sometimes I buy a new notebook before I’ve even finished an old one just for a fresh start… it’s definitely not the same as completing one before buying a new one. Yes, I pay for a fresh start when it feels necessary. But a new year- it’s a given, hand-out chance. A fresh new start for all of us. Let’s run with it!

We understand that there are some of us that feel like 2018 left you unresolved. Like that carton of ice cream you left in the freezer and forgot about, so when you go to take a bite there’s a hard layer of freezer burn over the top of it. You try to dig into it with a spoon but it’s like a dense iceberg and then if you actually get a bite, you realize it’s not really that great tasting. Just like that, sometimes the new year comes before you remember to finish the carton while it still tastes good.

Turn the new page. Throw away the old carton and buy a new flavor. Rock that fresh white pantsuit. We know it’s all going to get wear and tear soon enough because that sweetheart is called LIVING. You are alive so let’s LIVE.

We invite you to look at the year like it’s YOURS. What do you want more of? What do you want to give more of? If this question feels too big and scary, start small. How do you want to feel each day? How can you create a morning that will set you up for success the rest of your day? We are learning about life right along with you, but if it’s one thing we know for sure it’s that the more things that you add to your life that you LOVE, the things that aren’t working for you become more and more obvious in comparison to all the added love.

So add love sisters. In your coffee. To your playlist. To your community. Wherever you can.

On behalf of She.is.beautiful, thank you for letting us be a part of your lives and thank you for being a part of ours.

Be safe out there my friends. I will be in my sweatpants by 8pm. ONWARD towards the sunshine.

Sweat & Dreams,


Melissa, Founder & Director of She.is.beautiful

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