The Ambassador Series: Leslie Haverstock

What do you connect with the most about the mission?

“You are making room for the best you can be with each step you take, each mile behind you, you are choosing to be your most beautiful self… on and off the road.” I’ve always been a bit on the Type A side, and being born a Virgo with those perfectionist tendencies, I used to be a real piece of work.  I had plans for everything, and often, things went as planned. Until, one day they didn’t. There are situations in our lives that we are unable to control, and I am not a fan. However, it was through these hardships that I realized that rolling with the punches, forgiving myself, having a good laugh or a good run will open spaces to simply be me.  There isn’t a perfect version of me, and I won’t always show up as my best self, but I’ll for sure show up as my authentic self and to me that is enough. There’s a saying, “You will be too much for some people. Those aren’t your people.” True story.

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How do you define beauty?

Not one person reading this is perfect and as women, we must quit making assumptions and judgements about other women (or anybody, actually).  Amy Pohler says it best, “Good for her. Not for me.” Beauty is when we leave our assumptions and judgements behind and show up with kindness and an open heart.  Being kind and having an open heart allows me to be my truest self, and it’s during these times that I feel the most beautiful… and happy.

How do you plan to spread beauty to your local community and to the world in 2018?

Last year I was given an assignment to smile at every person I crossed paths with for one full week.  This sounds like a silly assignment. At first, I felt really fake doing this, but soon into my assignment I realized that when I smile, most people smile back.  Smiling is contagious. In 2018, I plan to spread some beauty about by doing this one simple thing… smiling.

Running makes me feel _____.

Running make me feel ALL. THE. FEELS. and I wouldn’t change it for the world.  Some of my biggest laughs, biggest tears, biggest wins, and biggest defeats have all come during a run.

Running has taught me….

I like to recall the story of that time my super serious boyfriend told me I could never run a marathon because, “Girls your size don’t run marathons.”  I know… horrific. However, that ticked me off and I not only finished that marathon, but I went on to finish several more including many trips from Hopkinton to Boston… and I’m not done yet.  I also proceeded to lose some serious weight cause I dumped that guy shortly after that first marathon. Running has taught me that I’m strong in so many ways and this strength continues to come in handy… every. single. day.


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