The Ambassador Series: Lacey Buchorn

Hi y’all, I’m Lacey! Most would describe me as a creative, firecracker, adrenaline junkie and wanderluster, but I am also an introvert by nature. It is a delicate balance to maintain. I’m an 18+ year military spouse and mommy to a miracle baby, a 16-year-old daughter. We recently moved back home to Texas and couldn’t be happier!

What do you connect with the most about the mission?

While the entire She.Is.Beautiful mission statement resonates with me, this part truly speaks to me:

“Empowering women and girls through movement and community in a supportive environment where they are able to take the lessons learned on the road and trail into the rest of their lives.”

Running has never been easy for me. I probably wouldn’t be where I am today in my running journey without the community that came alongside me and encouraged me to keep going and moving forward. Paying it forward is huge for me and I hope to encourage others through words, actions and my story in the same way that others did for me!


How do you define beauty?

I read a quote once that truly resonated with me. “We get so worried about being “pretty”. Let’s be pretty kind. Pretty funny. Pretty smart. Pretty strong.” I’m not sure who said it, but they were wise. Beauty is so much more than skin deep. On the outside, we age, but inside, that’s what counts.


How do you plan to spread beauty to your local community and the world in 2018?

I believe small acts can make a huge impact! Kindness can spread like an epidemic, if we let it. A huge goal on my 2018 to-do list is to create care bags for the homeless. Living back in an urban environment, the homeless population is staggering and while I don’t know their story or why/how they ended up on that corner, my heart hurts for them. Having something to hand them when I’m sitting at a stoplight will hopefully help ease their burden, if only a tiny bit.


Running makes me feel ______.

Strong and confident.


Running has taught me….

That I am stronger than I think and I can do hard things. I started running, right after my cancer diagnosis in 2008. I was obese and a little “lost”. Running was so hard, but I kept going, albeit slowly. While my cancer still hangs around, I feel good. Running has given me so much self-confidence, that I never had before. And on days, when it is hard again, I only have to look down to be reminded to keep moving forward.


Screen Shot 2018-11-08 at 12.10.48 PM

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