The Ambassador Series: Janet Yiu

What do you connect with the most about the mission?

Smooth or rocky. Up or Down. Fast or Slow. Just like running, life presents us with different obstacles. We as runners have to embrace the tough work outs or enjoy the easy day.  Working through a challenging run teaches perseverance which translates through all aspects of life. You look back at the workout and realize how strong you are. As a new mom, I want my daughter to be a part of a community which supports each other through tough times and celebrates the good times.

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How do you define beauty?

Beauty is something that makes me happy. It can be the beauty of a sunrise or a gesture of good will.

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How do you plan to spread beauty in your local community and to the world in 2018?

I want to spread beauty in my community by spreading kindness. Every day gestures such as opening the door for some one or encouraging a friend to continue their fitness goals can greatly impact the community. .


Running makes me feel____.

Running makes me feel alive and strong.


Running has taught me…

Running has taught me to set goals and to make the necessary steps to achieve them. Although I may not achieve all my goals, there are always lessons learned along the way. Most of all, running has taught me to appreciate my body which has carried me through numerous miles and many great adventures.

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