Things We Love: Sweet September

Sweet September! This month never disappoints.  Of course, September is my Birthday Month, but this wouldn’t be the only reason that it ranks as one of the best out of the 12.  September is such a sweet month as we find ourselves soaking up what’s left of the summer sunshine, while yearning for the cozy favorites that the fall brings.  Even more, there are so many songs written about September than in any other month.  There’s the ever popular Earth, Wind and Fire song, but the likes of Frank Sinatra, Neil Diamond, Chris Daughtry, The Bangles and so many more artists share the September love as well.  Anyway, this isn’t a post about music, it is a post about the things we love.


Lifestyle Loves:

About this time last year, Shalane Flanagan and Elyse Kopecky’s Run Fast, Eat Slow cookbook nearly took over the entire menu in our home.  These ladies are up to it again and have come out with a new cookbook, Run Fast, Cook Fast, Eat Slow and it is just as good as the first… if not better because hey… the faster we can cook the sooner we can get to the other important things in life.  This book prides itself on using fewer ingredients and faster, easier recipes.  I have to warn you though… prior to making any recipe in this book, pre read because one of the reasons the recipes are “fast” is because you should have pre cooked some of the foods ahead of time.  In our home, the Thai Quinoa Salad, Turkey Meatballs and the Superhero Muffins are hits so far.  In the first cookbook, there was one type of Superhero Muffin, and now there are THREE!  So far, I’ve only made the apple and the pumpkin spice varieties.  There is one with beets that sounds delicious, but my husband is anti-beets and there is no way to hide the color of beets in these muffins.  If you’re looking for some healthy variety in the kitchen, grabbing a copy of this book is highly recommended.


Speaking of foods my husband believes he dislikes, he tried a fig at a US Open party and liked it.  (Right after I typed that, the Katy Perry song popped into my head with lyrics changed… my apologies if that happened to you just now too).  Knowing that he discovered a new food at age 44 and knowing that figs are in season, I rushed to purchase them and make a recipe that has been teasing me for the longest time.  I’m still thinking about these Stuffed Figs with Goat Cheese and am looking for the perfect excuse to host another dinner party to make another batch.  Minus the cleaning and stuffing of the figs, this recipe takes 4 minutes… so easy, yet so divine!  Couple of tips if you want to make these…

  • If you purchase the Laura Chenel’s brand of goat cheese you can simply snip off a corner and use the original package to pipe in the goat cheese.
  • Costco has gorgeous figs for cheap! If you have a card, make this your first stop.
  • I didn’t get fancy and make date honey. Regular organic honey from a honey bear did the trick.


September is the perfect month to add some new duds to the closet.  I’ve not had a ton of time to shop with the start of the school year so I was excited to find and try jeans from Mott and Bow.  This company coins themselves as “The Naysayer of $200 jeans.”  Nobody can argue with a good deal, but in addition to price ($100-$130 depending on style), the denim is high quality and when you order a pair of jeans, they will send you a second size to try on.  There’s nothing more sad than ordering something online only to discover the size is wrong.  With Mott and Bow, you can choose the size that worked best and send the other pair back.  The shipping on the return is FREE so it’s really simple (except that you do have to drop the package with UPS vs USPS).  Couple more perks… the jeans come in 3 inseam lengths (Finally… a pair of jeans that I didn’t have to hem!) and the skinny jeans are the ultimate stuff in your tall boots jeans.


Mott and Bow Mid-rise Jane


Running Loves:

Not everything in September is Pumpkin Spice Lattes and cozy sweaters.  There is that dreaded loss of daylight.  I don’t know if it’s that I’m older and wiser or if people are just leading more hectic and distracted lives, but I’m taking dark running safety seriously.  Often, runs are penciled into my calendar with start times between 5:15 to 6:00 AM.  In the evening, I can be found walking the dog around 7:00 or 7:30 so being seen in the dark is a big priority.  Some of my friends have been lighting up the night in their Nox Gear Tracer 360.  The consensus from my run friends is that this is really comfortable and they feel as if drivers can see them coming from afar.  Nox Gear had 42% off last week so I quickly purchased one, but if you log onto the site, I’ve seen deals from 20%-30% off the $54.95 price tag.  Nox Gear even has a lighted harness for dogs.  Since our dog already has a harness that she likes, we have been using the Nite Ize Night Howl LED Safety Necklace.  Together, we’ll look like we’re going to a rave!

A few posts ago, I recommended Deena Kastor’s book Let Your Mind Run.  Not only do I fangirl so hard for Deena, Kara Goucher is also one of my all time favorite female runners.  As part of Oiselle’s Volee, I was able to attend a 2016 Olympic Trials after party where Kara was present.  Let me first say that she walked in with the most amazing dress AND she was wearing HEELS!  They weren’t super high and they were closed toe (hello black or missing toenails), but she had just ran a super tough marathon and wore HEELS!  My fangirl status went to super fangirl status in seconds.  More importantly, Kara took a moment to speak to the crowd that had gathered to support her.  It would have been nice to be celebrating her making the Olympic team, but she came in 4th place.  She was crushed and everyone in that room was crushed for her.  The speech she gave was so very heartfelt and genuine that I often replay it in my mind.  There was so much to learn from her.  Lucky for all of us, Kara has come out with her own book. Strong.  It is more of a journal type book versus a continuous read, but it has a lot of valuable information and strategies to improve your confidence in running and life.


September is usually the month when I start to train for a target race for fall.  This year, I had to put some plans on the back burner for a bit due to a minor medical procedure.  After my hardware removal surgery last year, I had a varicose vein pop up on my calf.  The vascular surgeon said this was coincidental and not surgery related.  Regardless, over the course of the year it started to bother me a bit more.  I often wondered if I was on the brink of an injury because I would have calf pain, swelling and general heaviness after a run or being on my feet during the day.  I finally decided to get it checked out and learned that I was a candidate for a procedure using Varithena.  This essentially is a substance that the surgeon can inject into the affected vein to kill the vein.  This is done in the doctor’s office with local anesthetic.  The recovery is pretty simple with 3 full days of wearing a compression stocking 24/7 and light activity.  By the fourth day, I could run easy but was restricted from lifting anything heavy or squatting.  The sock could come off for bathing, but had to be put back on immediately after for the next 2 weeks.  At the 2 week mark, the doctor will do an ultrasound to rule out any blood clots.  After that, there are not any physical activity restrictions and that compression sock can be kicked to the curb.  Massaging the impacted area and using some Vitamin E on the area is recommended for 6-8 weeks.  Flying is not allowed for 4 weeks.  My only reason for sharing is that when I looked into this procedure I couldn’t find any concrete details of what to expect through Dr. Google.  I didn’t know anyone that had been through this so I figured that I’d toss out some 411 in case anyone finds themselves in a similar situation.  Please feel free to send a direct message to @lapslungesleather on IG if you have any questions.  As of this writing, I’m just a couple day away from the ultrasound and am so ready to get back into a training routine.  Until then, I’ll soak up these easy runs like I’m soaking up the last bits of September.

Welcome to the most wonderful season of the year!  What are some of your Fall Favorites?


Until next time! Big love!


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