The Ambassador Series: Miranda D’Angelo

What do you connect with the most about the mission?

I feel that I connect with the idea of women supporting women. There’s so much negativity in the world and it’s so refreshing to be involved in a community that is about building each other up. There’s no judgment of a person’s size, or how fast they run, or how far, its just about getting out there and getting your body moving and loving yourself for who you are.

Screen Shot 2018-09-10 at 3.05.07 PM.png

How do you define beauty?

I define beauty as something that everyone has on the inside, being supportive and friendly, and having patience for others around you. Remembering that everyone is walking around with some sort of struggle and just being kind to everyone that you cross paths with; that to me is beauty.

How do you plan to spread beauty to your local community and the world in 2018?

I plan to be more patient, to have more compassion and empathy for other, even strangers. I want to spread kindness and smiles with everyone I encounter. Life is too short to be mean to people.

Running makes me feel powerful.

Running has taught me…. To be thankful for my body because it can do hard things!

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