The Ambassador Series: Danielle Killen

What do you connect with the most about the mission?

I love the community aspect of SIB! And I love that it’s all women. I have done many races and always have a great time, BUT there is something different and beautiful about the feeling and closeness of this race. I feel I can show up wherever I am in my training (or lack of) and nobody cares or is judging! Everyone is encouraging and supportive, not with words, but it’s a feeling all around. And that is beautiful.

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How do you define beauty?

The feeling I just described ha! The lack of judgement. A feeling of acceptance and love, of closeness (with strangers even!), supporting and lifting one another up. Smiles and just a little bit of pride from accomplishment.

How do you plan to spread beauty to your local community and the world in 2018?

It’s always a goal of mine to be kind, not only to those I love but everyone. Thats not always easy, but one smile, one wave, one conversation is really all it takes. Driving is one way I have become accustom to being kinder, letting someone go in front of me at a stop sign, waving in appreciation when someone is kind to me! Compassion and kindness are somethings our world will always need more of. I hope I can be an example to others of how to be kind.

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Running makes me feel ______.

Truly strong and happy (most days!). Im often amazed at how capable my body is, even when I am doubtful

Running has taught me….

Humility for 1. I am always humbled as a runner, because I will never be the fastest or longest distance runner. I will always be a mediocre runner and I am ok with that.  The more I let go of ay expectations the more free I become. Running has taught me to let go!

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