The Ambassador Series: Traci Seay

What do you connect with the most about the mission? mission means so much to me. I just had my 3rd baby (10yrs apart from #2 to #3) I was navigating through postpartum. This was new territory and with not much sleep I couldn’t really trust the intrusive thoughts I was having. I started running to give me a positive outlet for clearing my head. I was not a runner. (now I AM!) After a few weeks of running I started doing some googling. I stumbled upon SIB. I believe not by chance! Reading their mission gave me hope and encouragement. I felt so alone. I tried opening up to people about what I was dealing with and got shot down and basically felt ignored, but here were women that were uniting to uplift and encourage each other no matter where they were in the journey in running as well as life. It lit a fire under me. It changed my way of thinking. If I wasn’t feeling uplifted in my journey then I needed to do something about that. I want to be a woman that encourages, uplifts and supports other woman. What a great example SIB is for girls and women.

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How do you define beauty?

In a world of selfies and filters beauty has become such a huge focus on outward looks. True beauty is so much more than that. Beauty to me is someone who is compassionate, thoughtful of others, understanding, and can show love even through differences. Most of all beauty does not secretly compete with others but celebrates others achievements or just celebrates people! This is radiates through people brighter than any lipgloss or contouring.

How do you plan to spread beauty in your local community and the world in 2018?

In 2018 I want to encourage others. I want to celebrate people where they are at. Everyone deserves to be uplifted and celebrated. Kindness goes a long way and you never know when someone needs those words. I want to be a woman that is remembered for making people feel good or laugh. I hope to impact someone with my journey because if I can become a runner and be this passionate about it, TRUST me anyone can!! If you think you can’t, come run with me and I’ll make you believe in yourself!!

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Running makes me feel ____.

Running makes me feel so accomplished and strong. (Yes, I actually say to myself while running, “I’M RUNNING” because I can’t believe I’m actually running. ME!!)  It makes me feel capable. It makes me feel at peace.

Running has taught me…

Running has shown me I can face my fears that once bound me, and smile because they are not as scary as the monster I made them out to be. Running has shown me I’m stronger than I ever thought. It has shown me a number on a scale or on clothes doesn’t matter. I might fit into my pre-baby jeans, but I don’t care because my legs are strong and can take me far. (Plus, why do you need jeans when you can just live in running shorts or leggings?)

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