Would you believe me if I told you showing up for your life is messy?

       Recipes get burned, phone screens get cracked, white pants get stained, cars crash, grammar errors happen.
       These mishaps are often human error and in theory could be avoided. But mistakes are here to teach us lessons, life is our classroom- jump in.
    If you’re living a life where you are constantly worried about failing or not living up to perfection, you’re either going to burn out, be no fun to be around, or live a very stressful life. But how do we find the balance between doing our best to succeed while also finding the beauty in the struggle and acceptance in the mistakes?
      My girl Glennon Doyle has said, “We can choose to be perfect and admired or real and loved.” I love and believe this. It’s the behind-the-scenes, #keepingitreal stuff that often allows us to connect most with people. As humans we crave the humanness in others. We love the back story, we want the history, we want to see the messy parts in order to understand the way the world and people work.
Behind the scenes? Yes, let me in- I love it here!
       Imperfection doesn’t scare me (for better or worse). It’s what allows me to try more things in my life and be creative because I know if I fail, it’s okay, it’s a step closer to the next success. This doesn’t mean I don’t love working hard–working hard is actually one of my favorite things. I have learned that there is a difference between working hard and perfectionism.
     Walking through fear of failure is what’s essentially allowed me to create a life for myself. I believe this is a gift and it’s my hope that more people could explore this. If I could choose one thing to inspire others by, it would be this idea: Show up with your heart and hard work heading towards a goal, do your best with what you have in each moment to move forward. Adjust, forgive, and keep working hard towards something. So what can keep you going with all the inevitable detours and mess along your journey in life?
1. Faith and love, in yourself, in your power, and what you have to offer this world or your community.
2. Compassion towards others, every single day, cause sister this life ain’t for the weary.
       In life many of us are juggling multiple things at once (as I type this during my children’s nap). Work, family, children, passions, professional development, friends, goals, self-care, and everything else that comes with “adulting” in this 21st century. I have to believe that everyone is doing the best with what they have in that moment. You can judge someone’s outcome or you can learn their story and how they got there. I think learning others stories is the interesting part, it’s often where compassion and beauty lives.
         When we are showing up for our lives fully, there are going to be times where we make mistakes. Sometimes these missteps are in our personal life, other times they are in our professional lives. Either way, at times these missteps can feel knock-you-off-your-feet painful, frustrating, and leave you wondering what will happen next. How will this get better?! There are many times when mistakes are problematic, but they happen so we can choose to accept them for what they are or make excuses/point a fingers.
          At She.is.beautiful, we put a lot of effort into the fun details. Race shirts, course signs, custom goodie bags, THESE are a few of the things that we are known for. We look forward to each year’s new theme and are honored that so many of our participants hold a special place in their heart for these special pieces of our event that are made from our hearts.
       So this year when I opened the freshly shipped box of race shirts for She.is.beautiful Santa Cruz, my heart sunk. I was looking forward to seeing these in person because I felt so connected to this year’s shirt and the passage inscribed on the front and back. As I admired the shirt, we found two spelling errors. My initial gut reaction was to repeat F**k an infinite amount of times–as if the power of the F word and it’s repetition could possibly correct the mistakes on the shirt if I said it enough times. I spent about an hour feeling pretty upset about the whole thing. I was distressed partially because I made the mistake of not having our in-house editor (who also wears about 5 other hats within our organization) look over the final proof but mostly because I knew it was going to be on 6,000 amazing people’s shirt that they were going to love to wear proudly.


         The theme of our race this year was “Show Up For Your Life.” As the stormy clouds parted just before the start of the She.is.beautiful 5k and 10k race in Santa Cruz on March 17th, we found the symbolism in the morning and in connection to this year’s theme: “Show up for your life, even when you think it could rain…literally and figuratively. Because we are willing to risk the rain in the chance of seeing rainbows.”
       Our team couldn’t help but find the irony that “overwhelmed” was one of the 2 misspelled words (the “R” was dropped reading “ovewhelmed”…we think it’s going to start a trend, “ovewhelmed, the overwhelming feeling of showing up fully in your life” ;). As a mother of two young kids and business owner, “overwhelmed” is basically the 8th day of the week.
      As the Founder and Director of She.is.beautiful, is this my proudest moment? Heck no. Will I make this mistake again, I highly doubt it. Do I love the lesson and irony out of the whole thing? Absolutely, I have to–it’s all part of the story. So where do we go from here when we make mistakes?
      I hope that every time you put on that race shirt you remind yourself a couple of things:
1. Showing up for your life doesn’t mean you only show up in the shiny sparkly parts, but showing up even when you want to hide.
2. We are human, it’s ok. You are ok, in all the mess and all the glory of your story.
3. When you make a mistake or a misstep in your personal or professional life, own it. Most people will love you for it, some people will be confused by your confidence in your mess, and a very small percentage will be mad about it.
So if  when you fall, fail, or trip in life please know that my hand will always be here to lift you right back up. Dust yourself off sister, get back in the game. The world is ready to love you!
Sweat and Dreams,
She.is.beautiful Founder & Director, Mother of two, lover of running, ice cream, high fives, #keepingitreal, and coffee.
We love the passages on the front and back of this year’s shirt:
Front:  ” We have learned that in order to show up bravely and with love, we have to carve out spaces where we can practice our strength and work on our weakness. Moving our bodies is one of those spaces. Sitting still and quiet is another.”
Back: “There will be times when showing up is hard. We know this firsthand. Sometimes we get lost or overwhelmed in this life. When you feel off balance, please remember the power of love. When you don’t know how to show up, let your heart lead the way. Keep going my friend, the world needs your message.”


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