The Ambassador Series: Lea Crawford

The Ambassador Series is all about shining light on the rad group of ladies that represent in their communities. Throughout 2018 we will be featuring each of our Ambassadors as they share their stories.

What do you connect with the most about the mission?

Women supporting, inspiring, encouraging other women is something we should all be doing and showing others by our actions. & of course I LOOOOOVE Pink and like to think I’ve got a bit of sassiness in me!!


How do you define beauty?

I believe that beauty is definitely more than someone’s physical appearance, to me it’s often seeing how someone carries themselves, how they treat others, how they treat themselves…this can show so much more beauty than how they actually look.

How do you plan to spread beauty to your local community and the world in 2018?

I’ve always said that life is too short to not smile and not be positive.  I plan to continue to be my overly positive self and find the positive in just about every situation thrown my way….and to instill it in those around me the best I can. Just smiling at someone, opening the door or saying g’morning can spread so much beauty and love and hopefully those I touch will in turn touch another.


Running makes me feel ______.

Running, well for me walking, makes me feel strong, beautiful and free.  It clears my head, provides me with a form of therapy/sanity to keep on keeping on!  Last year after being diagnosed walking truly became my escape and strength to get me through each and every day.

Running/Walking has taught me…

Walking has taught me that by simply lacing up my shoes and taking that first step I’m giving myself so much self love and by adding mile after mile, in the same day, week or month I’m only bettering myself and hopefully inspiring others to do the same, walking has also taught me that it’s okay that I choose to log my miles by walking….that I Am Enough!


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