The Ambassador Series: Crystalynn Greenman

The Ambassador Series is all about shining light on the rad group of ladies that represent in their communities. Throughout 2018 we will be featuring each of our Ambassadors as they share their stories.

What do you connect with the most about the mission?

When it comes to the mission statement at She.Is.Beautiful, it really resonates with the person I strive to be. Being a strong, kind, positive and uplifting person is something that is really important to me.  Being able to help motivate and help others reach their goals and know their strength and beauty is truly what I fell in love with when I stumbled across the She.Is.Beautiful race series.​


How do you define beauty?

It is really all about who you are at your core how you feel and the way in which you share yourself with the world.  My Mom taught me to ‘always assume positive intent‘ and with that, always have a positive, kind and empowering outlook and way of treating others.  My Mom is and will always be the most beautiful woman in my life in all aspects, and I thank her for teaching me to always look for the light, and beauty in others.​

How do you plan to spread beauty to your local community and the world in 2018?

​2018 will be full of some big changes for myself and my family.  I will be moving to Utah (from California) when my husband returns from being overseas serving our Country.  Joining a running group, (or starting one) and being active in helping my community is how I intend to be someone others can look to for support and positivity.​


Running makes me feel ______.

Running makes me feel strong, beautiful, sane, happy, and invincible.  Honestly, running helped me beat postpartum anxiety.  Running helped me find peace in my mind when it was sometimes so dark.  Running makes me feel joyous and free.

Running has taught me…

​Running has taught me that I am enough, my body is perfect the way it is and one mile is one mile whether it takes someone 15 minutes to get there or 7, and NOTHING is impossible if you’re willing to work hard for it.  The running community is truly a remarkable group of people.  They cheer and support your dreams and desires in a way that makes you feel like you’ve already accomplished those crazy scary goals.  They’re there at the finish line to give you the best high five you’ve ever had, ask what your next goal is, and help you achieve it.  

I am beyond excited to be this person for others.  I look forward to many races in 2018, tracking my miles and helping others reach their mile and race goals throughout the year!


Fun fact about Crystalynn: I enjoy cooking, baking and making up recipes. I really love to make treats for friends or cook up a colorful healthy new recipes! Pinterest is so much fun to peruse  looking for new ideas. {See below for her yummy Oat Muffins!}

(Gluten free and can be dairy & sugar free as well depending on dietary restrictions)

Recipe (makes 18) 

Preheat oven to 350

In mixing bowl mix: 

1/2c brown sugar (optional if you’re sugarfree)

1/4c oil (I use coconut) 

2 eggs

once mixed add:

1T vanilla extract

1T cinnamon

4oz applesauce 

1.5c milk of choice

Once combined mix in:

1t baking powder 

3c oats

Then add mix ins as desired: blueberries, cranberries, chocolate chips, nuts, chia seeds, coconut flakes, etc. (get creative!)

Bake for 30 min, cool on wire rack store in airtight container in the fridge.  Enjoy as a muffin cool or warmed or heated up with a splash of milk.



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