Things We Love: Gratitude & Life Hacks

‘Tis the season to Eat, Drink and be Thankful… so says the chalkboard art above my fireplace mantle.  It’s true though… of all the holidays I believe Thanksgiving is my favorite.  If you think about it, it is a pretty simple holiday.  There’s food (Hello stuffing!), drinks (Howdy, Pinot Noir!), friends and family (Hey there Mom & Dad… sorry we won’t be home this year.  Love you!), and the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade (AKA another chunk of time with my beloved Matt Lauer).  All of the above make for a grateful heart.  This leads me to this month’s post – all of these items and ideas make my heart grateful, and they are also simple life hacks.  With the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, I’ll take all the life hacks I can get.


Running Faves/Life Hacks –

When life gets busy, good nutrition happens to be one of the first things out the door.  As athletes, caretakers, friends, mothers, sisters, cooks, organizers and all the other important roles that we play good nutrition is important.  What’s a girl to do when life is crazy?  Grab a Picky Bar!  These little bars of deliciousness were the brainchild of professional runners Lauren Fleshman and Stephanie Bruce.  They are the perfect carb to protein ratio, full of real food and void of gluten and dairy.  There are many flavors, but the Chai and Catch Me is the only one you need right now.  Pumpkin Spice was so last month… it is time to move on ladies.  With the perfect mix of cardamom, nutmeg, ginger and cinnamon this bar has holiday spice written all over it!  Grab a few for your glove box, purse, gym bag, desk, etc.  They are a perfect pre-run, post-run, anytime of day indulgence.  Not only will they save you from a hunger meltdown, you can grab a few and pass them along to friends.  Trust me… their lil hearts will be grateful! (P.S. Picky Bars are 30% off right now! No code needed.)

Moving on… let’s talk about the most important item in a runner’s arsenal – SOCKS.  I’m pretty certain that I have tried nearly every brand of socks out there (except for those Injinji socks… those little toes freak me out), and for the last couple of years Stance socks have come out on top.  They not only have a wide variety of socks for running, but their lifestyle socks are super cute as well.  My favorites for trail would be the taller Weekend Crew and for all other runs the Hystory Tab or the Uncommon Solid Tab fill my drawers.  I must add that they have a Star Wars line as well.  The Darth Vader socks drew my husband in, but after his first few wears he is now a solid Stance fan (Side note… he is a picky dude so when he gives something a gold star I pay attention).

Now… you might be wondering how socks lead to a life hack, but here’s the gravy on the turkey.  As runners, we often pair our running socks with Body Glide (if you aren’t using this you’re missing out – get some!).  With the holiday season, those dancing shoes and heels should find their way out of your closet and onto those beaten up runner’s feet.  Body Glide isn’t just meant for running, put it on any hot spots in those fancy shoes and you will be cutting a rug all night long.  Bonus… grab a travel size Body Glide and a pair of socks, tie a ribbon around them and VOILA!!!! You just found another gift that will have a friend with happy feet and a grateful heart.  That’s another gift crossed off the list!

Lifestyle Favorites/Life Hacks

With the holidays comes holiday travel.  However it is that you get to your destination, there’s always a chance some things may not make the trip.  One of the things that simply breaks my heart would be that moment that I’ve arrived at our destination, unpacked, took a minute to chill and then head off to the mirror to get ready for a fun evening out only to open my makeup bag and find pieces of makeup everywhere.  It’s a mess, but let’s focus on the cost of makeup these days… ouch!  Here’s a life hack that will keep your makeup intact and a smile on your face.  Simply take a cotton pad – round for round items and square for square items – and insert it into the compact.  This tiny little cotton pad acts as a cushion and your makeup will arrive to your destination intact.  You’re welcome.


Let’s next talk about the beauty of a scarf.  This wonderful accessory not only keeps us warm during the chilly seasons, but it can jazz up even the most basic of outfits.  The book The Art of the Scarf  not only shows tons of ways to tie a scarf, but it gives a brief history of scarf icons… Jackie O, Brigette Bardot, Audrey Hepburn and the list goes on.  Scarves are always a life hack, but here’s another way to cross a gift off your list… grab this book, grab a scarf, put a ribbon on it and VOILA!!! You have yet another grateful gift recipient.


The cooler temps and traveling always wreck havoc on my lips.  Recently, I went to NYC to meet up with my crush, Matt Lauer (I know… strange crush, but he’s smart, handsome, well dressed, and smiles a lot… kind of like my very own husband). mat.png Okay… the truth is that I went for a work trip, and Matt was just a bonus.  Anyway, my lips were the driest they had ever been so I was on a mission to find the best lip balm in the city.  In my quest of searching for lip balms, I was reminded of how important a lip scrub is for helping to keep those lips pucker ready.  I found Sugar Lip Caramel Hydrating Balm and it’s partner Sugar Lip Polish from Fresh.  I’m now obsessed!  Using a lip scrub a couple times a week will make your lips none other than… grateful!  The $20+ price of the Fresh scrub is a splurge, but you can go to your pantry right this minute and find all the ingredients to make your very own lip scrub.  Check out this site for 30 make at home lip scrubs… I’m feeling the gingersnap recipe.  So here you go… another little shortcut to having some smooch ready lips and another wonderful homemade gift to share with others.

Until next time… May your Turkey Trots be joyous, may your turkey be delish, may your drink be filled to the rim, may your family all get along, and may your heart be grateful!  Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. Great ideas! Here is a holiday idea I am trying to spread. If you like it, please share it. Thanks, Rita


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