Meaning Behind My Miles

What’s the meaning behind your miles? What inspires you to keep going?


On November 5th Shalane Flanagan became the first American woman to win the New York City Marathon in 40 years!  You Go Girl! There are many things about Shalane’s performance that inspired us (GRL PWR!), but one in particular that really got us thinking.  The New York City Marathon took place just days after a terrorist attack in Lower Manhattan.  Shalane said she felt a greater stake in this year’s New York City Marathon because of this attack. It reminded her of the inspiring performance by her friend Meb Keflezighi, the American male winner of the 2014 Boston Marathon, the first Boston Marathon after the 2013 Boston bombings. “I was thinking of Meb and how I wanted to make him proud today.” She also said, “I have to put a smile on New Yorkers’ faces today. I have to do this.” It’s interesting that the two recent World Marathon Majors wins by Americans were both in the aftermath of a terrorist attack, of a tragedy.  It’s interesting that both athletes talk about how there was a deeper motivation to win, to win for the communities of Boston and New York, to create something positive out of pain.  This reminded us that focusing on something bigger than just ourselves can bring deeper meaning to our miles and renewed energy to our goals, and that’s powerful. 


When you see a woman running down the street, do you ever wonder what got her up and out the door today? Many of us agree on the freedom, perspective, and stress relief that this movement provides, but have you ever thought about or dedicated your miles to a cause, goal, or larger motivator? Often times putting meaning behind a goal (and writing that meaning down) is helpful especially when you don’t see immediate success. Attaching meaning to the goal can keep you motivated and inspired, even when things get really tough.


As we enter the holiday season, we invite you to join us for a journey which we’re calling ‘meaning behind my miles.’ We encourage you for the month of December to take a deeper look at the miles in your life, and for a moment before, during or after a run to attach meaning to your movement.  Maybe it’s gratitude, maybe it’s sweating your way through a loss or a challenge, maybe it’s joy or community.  Maybe it’s working toward a goal, or maybe it’s simply to be a role model for your loved ones. 


What’s the meaning behind your miles this month?  Tag us with your photos and dedications on social media with #MeaningBehindMyMiles starting December 1st– December 15th.

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  2. Take a photo of yourself (oh heeyyy selfie!) or your squad
  3. Post on Facebook and tag us- share with us the Meaning Behind Your Miles and use hashtag #MeaningBehindMyMiles


Save the photo and Post on your Instagram Story and tag us (@runsheisbeautiful) and share the Meaning Behind Your Miles #MeaningBehindMyMiles.


We look forward to sharing these photos with our community to build motivation and inspiration heading into the New Year!

Happy Holidays from the SIB Sass Squad!

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Sweat, smiles, and miles,


Community Manager and Coach


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2 thoughts on “Meaning Behind My Miles

  1. Marilyn Hernandez November 26, 2017 — 9:46 am

    I have seen very powerful posts since you have shared this prompt. I have reflected over the part few days and tried to think of an altruistic reason for my miles and it has been hard. Some days my miles are for the simple fact that I want to look better and be better than who I am at this moment of my life. Some days those miles mean I need relief from a hard day, week or meeting. Then there are the days that my miles are a source of escape. Escape from the coworker and friend that fights for her life, escape from the reminder of those who will be absent from my upcoming wedding, and escape from those struggles that are not mine to bear. I have put in miles for causes greater than me and raised funds for support. The truth is to me, the meaning of miles is so personal to my day, my moment, and my struggle. I wish my miles could do more, be more and help more. However, right now I need my miles to be mine.


    1. I love this so much. Thank you for sharing!


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