Things We Love: Fall In Full Swing

Boo!  Just like that the end of October has snuck up on us and the holiday season is soon to be in full effect.  If I had to pick a favorite holiday, it would have to be Thanksgiving so while I hate to see all things pumpkin spice take a backseat to all things Thanksgiving… it’s all good because… pumpkin pie!  Thanksgiving is also a time that we can reflect on all the people and things that we are grateful for.  The items that are in this month’s blog post are sure to fill your heart with gratitude.

Let’s begin in the RUN department.  Very soon, we will be setting the clocks back (November 5th, BTW) and welcoming the dark with as much love… and light… as we can.  Each September, I follow my husband to Interbike for two reasons.  First, if you recall, it is the Birthday Month and all birthdays require a long weekend of poolside mojitos.  The second reason that I go would be for all the samples, freebies, and meeting all the people whose voices bombard my living room during conference calls.  Because cyclists require lots of the same nutrition and some of the same gear as runners, I pretend that this is a run expo without people completely nerding out on running.   This year, I stumbled upon the Nite Ize booth that had a light for any activity you could imagine.  There were lights for your dog, your home, camping – you name it… but most importantly, there were many for keeping one safe during workouts in the dark.  I’m a child of the 80’s and if you were too, you may remember the slap bracelets that were ALL. THE. RAGE.  Now… put a flashing light in that bracelet and you get some childhood nostalgia and a pretty cool way to alert drivers that you are getting your fit on.  Here’s the beauty, the SLAPLIT, which I picked up at the show.  Even more exciting…  I even picked up an extra for one lucky reader.  Stay tuned… the SIB crew will put the light up on Instagram and one lucky individual will be sporting a new light.  Check out the Nite Ize site to order, or if you are in Santa Cruz, West Marine has them in stock.


Next on the list would be this amazing Orange Mud Wrap.  I’ve had one of these for a long time and it’s makes the most appearances once the temps drop and the seasons change.  Going for a run and sloshing through some puddles makes for some great run fun… until you get back to the car and realize what a mess you are.  Don’t fear…. with the Orange Mud towel you can zip it up and put it over the seat and muddy legs ain’t nothing but a solved runner’s problem.  The other run scenario that comes around this time of year would be the wet sport bra woes.  We’ve all been there… you finish a run; your pals want to have coffee; one quick errand calls your name and then… the freeze session sets in because that wet bra is bone chilling.  Once again, the Orange Mud towel comes to the rescue because it also transforms into a private changing room.  Seriously… this thing is amazing.  You need to get one, and while you are at it… grab one for a friend and knock a holiday gift off the list. Of course you can likely find these at your local running store (#shoplocal), on the great big world of Amazon, or if you go straight to the Orange Mud site, you will get a prompt to save 10% if you put in your email.  (Side note… if you get a new Gmail account just for sale emails you can still reap the rewards, but not have to see these in your normal inbox everyday.  Try using “salesfor” in front of whatever name you like and you’re good to go!)

blog 2.png

Moving on… Let’s talk about some current favorite things in the LIFESTYLE department.  It seems like once Halloween comes and goes that the holiday season is in full effect.  My husband and I don’t have a single relative in California and we don’t have any children, yet I still feel the stress of the holiday season.  With that being said, the enormous task of doing it all with an extended family and little ones to mix into the holiday loop I can only imagine the stress.  To add to the stress, work parties, cocktail hours, Friendsgivings shrink the time bank even more.  But wait… the house still needs cleaned, the kids’ activities still exist and Amazon has yet to get Whole Foods to deliver groceries straight to your door.  Stop the insanity!!!!

Not that long ago, I was having a really hard time prioritizing things in my life.  It seemed like every little task was a mountain and I had much anxiety over making a decision for fear of making somebody else upset.  Fortunately for me, I stumbled over a little gem of a book in a friend’s car (That friend was none other than @trainwithmary BTW).  Sarah Knight’s The Life Changing Magic of Not Give a F*ck is seriously a book you need to grab ASAP.  The book will honestly CHANGE. YOUR. LIFE.  (Warning: If you’re not down with the F-word I will caution that it’s in there quite a bit.  But…. Since many of you are runners, you can change it to the other F-word… Fartlek).  This book has 5 lessons that are guaranteed to help you move through the “Season of Joy” with just that… JOY!  Vogue had a really good clif notes version, but do yourself a favor and get the book.  In cases of emergency, feel free to have a downloaded copy of the “Should I give a F*ck” flowchart stashed in a purse, diaper bag, glove box, etc.


At the annual Las Vegas birthday extravaganza, there is the tradition of going on a little shopping trip to pick out the perfect birthday gift.  Not only did I find the perfect birthday gift, but also when passing through the malls in Vegas I stumbled into a Zara.  When I’m looking for a timeless piece, I’m happy to open the wallet and spend a significant amount.  If the item is going to be around for a while, it’s worth the investment.  However, trends come and go and this is where Zara gives you a big bang for the buck.  During this trip I stumbled across some pants that had a moto edge to them, and had the ability to be dressed up for a sexy date night or they could be incorporated into the everyday conundrums of life.  At $39.90 it was a no brainer to buy a pair in a few color ways.  Check out the three pairs purchased and look at the different ways to style them.  Side note:  If you are ever in a bind for how to put something together Fashion Stylist Google can lead the way… most often the stylist will lead to Pinterest, but hey… the holidays are coming up so your likely to find inspiration for more than just style.

The three pairs purchased…


How to Style: Day Look & Date Look


Last, but not least, if thoughts of bringing a new side dish to a holiday dinner seems exciting then this Butternut Squash Gratin will not disappoint.  P.S. Buy the pre-cut vegetables. You’re worth it!

Wishing you and yours the happiest of Thanksgivings!  Until next time… eat, drink and be grateful!




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