The Race is Almost Here: You’ve Got This! Santa Barbara 5k & 10k is around the corner! With just a week until race day, it’s time to start preparing yourself to have the best experience possible. Let’s talk about how to use all the emotions that might be surfacing to empower you to run a race that will make you proud.


Revisit Your Goals

When you signed up for the race weeks ago, besides soaking up the epic race day energy, you may have made some personal race day goals. After training for this day, it’s time to revisit those goals you made for yourself and tap into your inner superhero. It’s a good time to write your race day goals down and how you’re going to make it happen on race day.


Visualize Success

Once you’re squared away with your goals and made any adjustments, start to imagine yourself having the best race ever. When we practice believing in ourselves, our body will usually follow. But the opposite is also true. If we fill our mind with negative race day thoughts, that’s probably how our race will unfold. So in the last few weeks, take some quiet moments to close your eyes and imagine the day from start to finish. Picture yourself waking up race day morning feeling strong and joyful. You’re focused but lighthearted. The coffee is perfect and your race day outfit is on point. You’re imagining yourself soaking up the race day energy and using it to make you feel powerful. Perhaps you picture yourself at each mile feeling tired but repeating to yourself, “This is hard, but I go this.” Whatever gives you the image of your ideal race, start visualizing it so that you can make it come alive in real time on race morning.


Practice Positivity and Resilience

Similar to visualizing success, we need to practice it as well. Just like in a race, life is full of potential setbacks. Enjoyment and success are dependent upon how we respond to these challenges. If you practice using resilience and gratitude in your daily life in the last few weeks, especially if obstacles arise, these will help you stretch your mental game for race day. That way if something unexpected happens on race day, you will have your mental strength fresh in your tool kit.


Now is the time to come up with a race mantra. This is something that’s short and simple that will inspire you before the race and keep you motivated and resilient when the going gets tough. Come up with a few words that feel true to you, and put them on mental repeat leading up to the race. Then, practice these words in your last few training runs so they become part of your routine. Then pull these words out of your arsenal when you need to power through that last mile and make it to the post-race festival with beaming pride.


Relax and Trust the Process

In the last week, you may be nervously anticipating race day. So much to be excited about and also so many unknowns. How will I feel? What if I’m hungry? Or sick? There are so many scenarios that can arise. But that’s life, too! The best we can do is visualize, plan, do the work, and then enjoy the journey and respond to challenges. You can take all these skills with you on race day to feel confident and proud. When the nerves arise, remind yourself it’s just excitement in disguise.


You are ready for this day. Believe it and get our there and have some fun!


You’ve got this,


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