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My name is Claire! I am a California based blogger, pursuing a career in clinical psychology. I am passionate about empowering women to love the skin they’re in and find inspiration in everyday life. I am happily married to the love of my life, Jonathan and we met volunteering in an orphanage in Africa 7 years ago! He’s English and I am American. We live in beautiful Santa Barbara, with our Australian shepherd pup Hadleigh, and cutie of a calico cat, Winnie. What inspired you to start running?

Claire: My journey with running started as a New Years resolution back in 2010. I had challenged myself to do things that scared me and were out of my comfort zone – and signed up for the Nike Women’s full marathon in San Francisco! It was a life changing experience and I was soon hooked!

Growing up I was an avid soccer player and basketball player – but running was always something I would dread. Marathon training changed everything for me. After a few weeks of pushing through and building my base mileage – each week’s new distance and achievement became addicting. I found the reward of seeing how capable and strong my body was and the satisfaction of reaching distances I never dreamed I’d be able to run! It was rewarding and I was hooked! I’ve since ran 26.2 x’s 2, and 13.1 x 10!


SIB: What has your journey in running taught you about yourself or life?

Claire: To me, running is very metaphorical of life. It teaches you that you can achieve anything if you put in the hard work and commitment. It’s taught me to truly love and honor my body – by fueling it right and training for success. It’s also given me such a joy and revelation of how beautiful life is – each and everyday. Something I’ve always appreciated about training runs (especially in Santa Barbara!) is that it encourages me to savor sunrises and sunset at the beach daily. It’s truly given me the gift of soaking up life and all its moments – AND strengthened my body and mind to live life fully and wholeheartedly. 💕


SIB: You are pretty involved with the Tone It Up community, how did that start and how have you used it to create your own community?

Claire: I found Tone It Up back in 2013 and have been an active member ever since! It’s a phenomenal group of women – who empower, encourage and support each other through daily workouts and nutrition support. My TIU bestie Amanda (@amanda_tiu_fit) and I were the founding leaders of our Santa Barbara community and have cultivated a beautiful sisterhood of TIU ladies here in SB. What’s special about this group is our heartbeat for active living – and yet, how the sweat sessions have turned into a sisterhood of friends. Our TIU SB fam has played a big part in my fitness journey and I am very grateful!  


SIB: How do you stay motivated to live your healthiest life?

Claire: For me, motivation to live a healthy life is essential. Because of my career in psychology, my heartbeat and profession is helping others live their healthiest life. Something I’ve learned though – is in order to empower others to live wholly – you have to fully embrace and love yourself first. For me, prioritizing my health is my biggest form of self-love each and everyday. Eating right fuels my body to be alert and present for my clients. Exercise and running daily keeps my body thriving and strengthened. And living my life aspiring for my healthiest self encourages me to foster an environment of health – whether emotionally, spiritually, intellectually or physically.


SIB: Fill in the blank, Running makes me feel______________.

Claire: Alive. Grateful. Strong. Beautiful. Confident. Happy.


SIB: When was the first year you did and why do you keep coming back?

Claire: I first ran She Is Beautiful in 2015. I was drawn in by the positive message of self love and women empowerment – and of course – the color pink! Of all the races I’ve run (and I’ve run a lot!) She Is Beautiful has been my favorite. Because to me, the race is so much more than 3 miles of beach views. It’s a race promoting a message of love, of sisterhood and encouragement. And it’s a message celebrating the beauty we each possess – so innately and unwaveringly.

Last year my English mother in law flew out to visit and ran it with me too! She even got a faster time than me.  We are making it a tradition – and she’s joining me and my TIU ladies again this year. It’s a special run. I encourage you if you’ve never done it to grab a sister, your mother or friend and do it together! I promise you won’t regret it. 😊


SIB: You are hosting a Tone It Up meet-up at this year, tell us more about this?

Claire: Yes! We are SO excited to be running the race again this year. We are hosting a BIG Tone It Up meet-up in conjunction with this year’s She Is Beautiful! We hosted one last year and it was a HUGE hit. We start the day bright and early and run the race together! And afterwards, spend the day brunching, wine tasting and having a girl’s day in Santa Barbara! It’s a TON of fun and a wonderful way to meet other Tone It Up ladies from all over California – or if you aren’t a TIU girl, to meet and enjoy the sisterhood of fitness sisters! All are welcome!!!

A bunch of us ladies ran the course last year and LOVED it and we are so excited to continue our now annual tradition. The She Is Beautiful race is one of a kind – and we are very excited to be a part of the big day!

Feel free to connect with me on Instagram (@clairespiration) or email: to learn more!


SIB: What does your healthiest self feel like?

Claire: To me, being healthy is loving who you are. Healthy isn’t always the food you eat or the workouts you do – it’s the thoughts you think, the people you surround yourself with and the goals you propel yourself towards. To be healthy, means to be wholly you. Fully and completely. And to love who you are – imperfections and all, knowing that those imperfections make you perfectly beautiful. Being healthy is accepting who you are loving every bit of it.

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