Why Training for a 5k is TOTALLY AWESOME by Coach Mary

We are so excited to partner with Mary of Train With Mary to offer all participants of She.is.beautiful Santa Barbara a complimentary 5k Training Plan! We believe following a training program months in advance will not only give you more confidence on race day, but you’ll get stronger, feel better, and have more fun along the way. Who’s IN? The training guide will feature 3 different experience levels and will be emailed out each month starting in June, so if you haven’t registered for She.is.beautiful Santa Barbara yet- what are you waiting for?! The next race registration price increase is coming May 23rd so sign up soon! Coach Mary will now share with you why training for a 5k is TOTALLY awesome and can get you in really great shape. Now all you have to do is drop all negative self talk  and jump on board- we’re on YOUR team and YOU are ready for this. Let’s roll…


Why Training for a 5k is TOTALLY AWESOME by Coach Mary

Congratulations! You signed up for a 5k–probably one of the most fun and rewarding distances to train for. In other words it’s the perfect distance so you can still have your full, busy life while carving out a little bit of time to train. If you’re anything like me, you squeeze your run in between various responsibilities (hello life!), and you might have a tendency to just “run whatever you have time for.” While this is awesome and totally has its place (yay for making time for yourself!), if you’ve signed up for a 5k, and you have a goal, your best bet is to stick to a training plan. You’ll be much more likely to achieve your goals, feel fitter and faster than ever, and actually free yourself more time for life than if you were doing a hodgepodge approach.


Here’s why:


Following a plan takes out the guess work:

We’ve all been there. You suddenly have a 40 minute window to run, and then you start thinking, “Hmm maybe I’ll run 30 minutes.” or “I can’t figure out where to run…” or “My training partner isn’t around, so maybe I’ll just go for a walk…” or “I ran yesterday, so I’ll just take today off.” When we’re not exactly sure what to do, we tend to just do whatever we feel like in the moment. Some weeks, we run every day, while other weeks we don’t run at all because we simply haven’t factored in the time into our lives. It’s great to have flow and flexibility in training, but if we have a goal in mind and no plan, we end up on a running roller coaster ride and more likely to get injured or burnt out because we just haven’t found that magic balance of consistency.


However, when you have a plan to follow, you’re much more inclined to stick to it (healthy peer pressure!), you can plug it into your busy calendar a week in advance, find a training partner or a few, and let the people in your life know that you need that 40 minutes Wednesday evening at 6pm because it’s part of your plan. Oh yeah, and you can remind them (and yourself!) that you’ll be walking in the door a faster, fitter, more productive, and kinder person!


You’ll be faster and fitter:

When we don’t have a plan, we tend to do whatever is comfortable. The same running routes, the same distance. This is awesome to have a routine, but it can also get stale and our bodies adapt to the same old stuff and we don’t necessarily see an improvement in our fitness. However, insert a planned once-a-week speed session or hill repeats, and you’ll be blown away how much you improve. You’ll feel new muscles building and by practicing different paces, you’re actually teaching your body to run fast. So when the gun goes off on race day, you’ll be confident knowing that you can actually run faster because you’ve done it before in training!


Keeps things fun:

One thing is for sure: it’s really hard to run if it’s not fun. This isn’t to say that every run will be like a Beyonce concert. Because let’s face it. Running is tough! But we are wired to do tough stuff and seek self-improvement. The endorphin high alone is enough to keep going back out there even when we don’t want to. We can train ourselves to enjoy doing the challenging work. There will be many times where you’ll think, “the last thing I want to do is go on a run, but I know that I’ll come back so much happier.”  Eventually, this becomes a habit and there’s less of the internal battle to tie those laces and just go. Training for a race is a totally fulfilling way to set ourselves out on a journey and chase goals.Training plans allow enough variety where you’re never getting bored, and they also have the added advantage of an end goal: the race! When you have your eye on a goal–whether that’s to finish your first 5k, hit a PR, or win the race–you’ll be so much more motivated to do the training. Few things are more fun and fulfilling than setting off on a journey based on self-improvement, as we remind ourselves that we can do hard stuff if we put our minds and bodies to the task. A training plan sets you up for success and keeps you motivated and inspired to get out the door and keep dreaming.
Let’s get started!

Progress not perfection,


You can follow Mary on Instagram @train_with_maryFullSizeRender-5

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