Moms that Run, Runners that Mom: Meet Sarah

We are highlighting #motherrunner journeys over the next 2 weeks. In sharing these beautiful and challenging stories, we are reminded to move forward with compassion. Everyone’s experience with motherhood (and LIFE) is different… compassion for all mothers, mothers to be, mothers who have lost babies, and those trying to conceive. There is far more than meets the eye when it comes to judging another person. We hope reading the stories over the next two weeks moves your heart, inspires you to keep lacing up, motivates you to make time for yourself so you can be the best for others, and help another mother out whenever possible. We are stronger and better together.

Thank you for sharing your journey with us! Let’s get chat…

My name is Sarah Robinson, but you might know me as Mac. I am a self-proclaimed Faux Pro (sub-elite) runner as well as a celebrity handler (mom) to a PJ. PJ is a spirited 2.5 year old. We live in Tacoma Washington, and yes, it’s raining. When did you start running and what inspired your entry to this movement?

Sarah: I learned about SIB through Steph Rothstein Bruce who is my hero in running and momming. I am behind anything that encourages women to be confident in exactly who they are. We are enough. 

SIB: If you ran before having kids, how has your relationship with running changed since becoming a mother? 

Sarah: I wasn’t sure I would want to return to competitive running after PJ. I mean at first I thought I would return, but by the end of the 9 months and unplanned C-Section I felt leveled and it wasn’t a priority. I found that running was still my happy place though and I slowly built up with my coach (Stephanie Rothstein Bruce). I did two half marathons, nothing special, but after the second one my fire to make the OTQ in the marathon was reignited, I went all in, and ran a 2:42:36 when PJ was 16 months old. 

SIB: What has been or is your biggest challenge with running since having children?

Sarah: Sleep. I didn’t get more than a couple hours at once until PJ was 13 months, once I slept I felt supercharged. But before that I really needed to listen to my body and respect what it was doing while sleep deprived. 

SIB: How has having children changed your relationship with your body?

Sarah: Honestly, not really. Other than for 2 years I felt like it was on loan. Now it’s mine again, and it looks a little different, feels a little different, but I love my body for what it’s capable of. 

SIB: What do you admire most about other moms?

Sarah: Patience. 

SIB: How have your children inspired you (in running or in life)?

Sarah: PJ can be hard on herself, and get frustrated when she can’t do something perfectly. Having the conversation with her about doing your best, and finding joy in the process of growing is a great reminder to me. We all need to go easier on ourselves and not let perfection hold us back from trying things we want to. 

SIB: What is something you are proud of in your running and something you are proud of as a mom?

Sarah: I’m proud of my persistence as a runner, I’ve come back time and time again, and it’s never easy. 

In my best moments, I’m proud of my attention + imagination as a mom. PJ is no one else, she is herself, I find when I really listen to her and then use my imagination to engage, encourage, calm, … her. That’s when we most successful as a mom/kid team. 

SIB: What is the best advice you have for other runner moms or runner moms-to-be?

Sarah: Don’t compare yourself to anyone, including yourself. You’ll never be the same as the past you, or the future you, you can only be yourself in the moment you’re in. Be there. 

SIB: Fill in the sentence “I mom so hard I_______________.”

Sarah: I mom so hard I always have snot on my shirt.

Thank you for sharing your journey! You can follow Sarah’s journey on Instagram at @thatsarahmac .  Sarah McKay is also so badass that she has a pair of Oiselle shorts named after her- Mac Roga Shorts.


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