Moms that Run, Runners that Mom

#MotherRunner; you’ve seen them or maybe you are one. They are the ones picking up their kids from school in their running clothes, getting in miles on their lunch break,  pushing strollers filled with more snacks then seem necessary, the ones attempting to run with both their dog AND stroller and it’s a tangled mess, weekend warriors because their kids/work week is too much,  or rocking headlamps crushing solo miles before the sun (and their household) is up. #MotherRunner in reality is typically more messy (and beautiful) than the photos that accompany this hashtag on Instagram.  We are aware that having the choice to do both, to mother and to run, is a privilege and neither should be taken for granted.

Over the next two weeks we look forward to sharing the journey of eight moms who run or is it runners who mom? The runner or the mother, which description came first? For some, they ran before having children and are adapting to the challenges of balancing another persons needs to their previous run-out-the-door-whenever-you’d-like concept, which can be a major adjustment. For others, they have found running after having children as a quick source of fitness, alone time, and/or lifeline to sanity. For all, running has been not only an outlet but an inspiration to help balance all the diapers, struggles and tears that are par for the course of motherhood.

We hope you’ll join us in celebrating the journeys of not only the mothers stories we share, but the women in your own life who have mothered the world whether with their own children, their friends children, their students, or community.momwhorun

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