New season, new beginnings, new goals

Is it just me or does spring make you want to put on your favorite running tank top and go run through fields of wildflowers or lush green hills with an epic playlist? Ok these surroundings aren’t always available so we’ll settle for old pot holed streets or busy avenues or really, whatever is available… but the excitement of new beginnings is still HERE!

As we launch Santa Barbara 5k and 10k registration on Monday April 24th (yes, next Monday!), we invite you to join us on September 23rd 2017 in one of our favorite places. We’ve got a major run-crush on Santa Barbara that we cannot kick! It’s natural beauty fills our soul and we look forward to sharing the magic with you.

We are really excited about the addition of an optional 5k training plan this year, complimentary to our participants. If you are signing up for your first race and finishing it is your goal- own that, that is a totally beautiful goal! We know many runners start off participating in 5k’s and then often feel like 5k is not long enough. We are here to tell you, HOLD UP SISTER!! Instead of your goal being to finish a 5k let’s allow proper time and train for it to run your fastest.  Stay tuned to future weeks where we introduce one of our favorite coaches and running inspiration gal pal who will be leading us virtually through an epic training plan (if you choose to opt in)! She’ll start off by sharing why training for a 5k is absolutely RAD and can get you in some of the best shape of your life. We’re IN, are you?

Tentative Dates of Community Meet Ups in Santa Barbara:

Saturday May 27th at 8:00am meeting at Santa Barbara Running Company (111 Anacapa Street)

July date and location TBD

Thursday August 10th 5:30pm meeting at Santa Barbara Running Company (111 Anacapa Street) **optional post run beer at Lama Dog Brewery





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