Running is like tequila shots… and I’m here for the party

I wish I could bottle it up and give it away to everyone. I want to give it away like Oprah handed out cars. “You get to feel awesome, and you get to feel awesome, and YOU get to feel awesooommmme!” (Hands in the air, head shaking, the whole Oprah bit.)

If you are new to running and are still in the “everything hurts, why is this fun” phase, I feel you. I am currently 8 weeks postpartum and coming back to running after taking a few months off is painful. Start slow, keep it fun, don’t over force it…but also, don’t stop just because it’s hard. Life is hard and you are tough. Let running be your reminder of how strong you truly are. Don’t listen to the little voice inside that says you are anything but absolutely fabulous. If the negative voice keeps popping into your head, yell back at her “I AM FABULOUS!” You are louder and more powerful than that negative inner voice.

If you are already on board with “Running is RAD!!” then let’s just high-five about how amazing it is.

My run last night was slow and painful. I felt heavy and bouncier than normal. But my heart, I swear I could feel it swell with pride and joy. I wanted to shout to each runner I passed, “isn’t this just the best?!” but I decided a big smile would convey the message without scaring them.

I spent the entire 45 device free minutes trying to put my finger on it. Still 15+ years later, I marvel at why myself and others love this movement of running so much.  Within minutes, I went from feeling anxious from being inside and sitting down most of the day, deadlines, to do’s being a human, to flying through the air. It was not a graceful movement, but the sound of nature around me, my breath, and my feet on the asphalt, it cleared my mind with each step. I came home ready to make dinner and crush the stack of dishes that piled up throughout the day. I went to sleep ready to take on the challenges of the workday to follow.

It’s my glass of wine ( but I do really enjoy a good glass of chardonnay as well), it’s my therapist, it’s my lending ear, it’s my inspiration, it’s my lifeline. It brings me joy, peace, and energy for everything else in my life. I love the way running makes me feel and I know it makes many others feel the same. I could go on forever about this, but you get the idea.

I wish I could bottle it up and give it away…the feeling that running gives me. I wish I could pour it into shot glasses and line them up for each person I come across. Creating the event is the best way I know to how share that feeling with others.

We are so excited to come together with you all on March 19th in Santa Cruz, Ca. For the love of our bodies, our spirits, for the love of sweating, and for the love of the amazing people that surround us. We want you to feel good in your life, in your body. Why do we care? Because the better you feel, the better you are to everyone else and the world around you. Our world needs more of that. Bottoms up, more love for everyone.

Like running, our starting line has no boundaries and welcomes everyone. All levels, all backgrounds, all ages.

(If running is yet to feel like a margarita on the rocks, keep going it’s probably around the bend.)

See you there!

signature Founder/Director, running and ice cream enthusiast, mom of 2, wife of 1.

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