SIB Baby!


No this is not the introduction to our new baby apparel line, but that would be cool huh? For those of you who have followed along with or attended the Santa Barbara race over the past 3 years, you may have noticed that either myself or Sara has been pregnant each year. We agreed to tag team pregnancy and rotate each year because being pregnant at the same time could be a disaster… someone has to keep a regulated emotional state and lift the heavy boxes! Since this will most likely be my last pregnancy, I had to put it in writing.

In becoming a first time mother nearly 2 years ago, I had a new-found respect for all women. It was as if a new sensitivity match had been lit within me and I began to see a greater perspective than face value of all the women I interacted with. Not just mothers, but women who have chosen not to have children, women who have struggled to have children, and women who have chosen to adopt. The idea of reproducing has placed a lot of pressure on women and whether we decide or nature decides for us which way we will go, it’s important to find compassion for each of our journeys.

To the woman who has been trying for years to get pregnant and learned it’s not an option for her. To the woman waking up multiple times a night to feed her child through tears of exhaustion. To the woman who has decided she doesn’t want children. We each have stories and they are different.  We may not be able to fully relate to each other on some levels but we can support each other in our decisions and realities. I believe women can change the world by leading with compassion.

As a mother runner, I have found a different respect for my body. I am not someone who feels “glowing” through 10 months of pregnancy but I try my best to embrace all the physical and emotional changes. The nights of throwing up every 30 minutes every hour on end was harder to embrace but this was all part of my journey. It has not been all green smoothies, nutritious salads, and wonderful miles. I would take naps on the floor of my office… I couldn’t keep my eyes open some days. I spent the first 6 months of pregnancy surviving off sourdough toast and white pasta. These were not cravings, this was literally survival.

I was stoked to run up until 29 weeks and then have pretty much switched to power walks, weights, and occasional yoga. As someone who normally runs 5-6 days a week, the adjustment to not running is challenging as my body craves physical motion and mental release. It’s amazing how everybody’s body is different and some women, like Sara, run all the way up to their due date. For me it’s not physically possible and I’m ok with that for a few more weeks. But when you run by me, I will be envious!

To the women of the world, thank you for giving me perspective and compassion. I hope we can all continue to be reminded that we are all being challenged in some way at nearly all times, this means we’re growing right?! I am honored to walk amongst so many brave kick-ass ladies who are living their truth the best way they know how.  Women in this world juggle so many pressures, standards, responsibilities, and judgements. Carry on in your journey and know you’ve got a pack of ladies who fully support you. You’re doing awesome!

I’m inspired by the way you live… even in the moments when it feels hard, messy, and exhausting!


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