But in truth, it’s where we connect.

A song, a conversation, a movie. When the narrator has revealed their true self. Pulled back the layers and taken off their shield, exposing who they are without extra flair. These are the moments that ping my heart and no matter how different I am from that person, I can relate to that feeling of exposure to truth.

We grow up trying to keep “it all” together. To be brave and focused. But what we often fail to remember is that although being brave is associated with being tough, it’s also often paired with being vulnerable. There’s few things I love more than when people I admire and who are doing inspiring things stands up and says, “this is fucking scary and hard but I’m doing it anyway.”

The older I get the more I realize how hard it is for me to have close friends that only let you believe that “everything’s great.” It’s the ones that say, “today feels like a disaster”  or ” I’m really proud of myself because that was hard!” that I’m like- yes, I get it! This is real life.

One of the elements that I love about running, is the way it reminds me to be vulnerable. In knowing it’s going to be hard, admitting it, and accepting it. The way running seems to strip you of your layers, mile by mile. You feel lighter and a little more free. Often times your thoughts become deeper. Running to me, demonstrates life in so many ways.

In a time when the world feels segregated, it comforts me to remember the human element. Vulnerability is often uncomfortable. It’s saying, “this is me, fully…and it’s not always shiny.” But in fact, this is the place that most of us connect and can relate. In the space where we feel a little broken or unsure, that’s where the light shines through. Accountability, saying this is me cracked open, sometimes standing still and other times moving forward. Vulnerability is beautiful, inspiring, and brave.


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