Because running is universal.

In Ghana, I’ve watched them run. Their faces so beautiful and free. So careless, their bodies move with inspiring ease. In school uniforms, in authentic patterned clothes, and shirtless.

In Europe, I’ve ran though cobblestone streets and the nooks and crannies of cities both big and small. Through parks I’ve watched locals do laps before work, with friends or alone.

In New York City, I’ve battled crowds and humidity in Central Park. Amazed at the way one moment you feel like you’re on a forest path and the next you’re reminded of the heart, the sky scrappers, and the city life that surrounds you.

In Thailand, on my honeymoon most mornings I made my husband get up and run laps around islands. Waving at other tourists from all over the globe that too got the running itch.

In California, I have witnessed the way running can changed both young kids lives and 60+ year olds lives. Not only reminding them of their strength in that moment, but their potential for their future. It’s not just about running. It’s about aspiring to something more.

There’s something so beautiful about running. It’s so individual, yet if you talk to someone who enjoys running there is this universal feeling we can all share. It’s much more than a workout. It’s a reminder of who you are. It’s a place to reflect, to problem solve. It’s a reminder of what’s possible.

Above all, to me running is a feeling. It’s something  that once we make running a part of our lives, I think it’s something we all feel. It’s freedom. It’s vulnerability. It’s… love.

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