10 questions with Tori Tyler; Winner of (many) She.is.beautiful races

We think Tori Tyler is awesome. She’s humble, kind, and really fast. We are honored she keeps coming back to She.is.beautiful year after year! We wanted to take a few moments and learn a little bit about this fabulous lady…because normally she’s running so fast we can’t keep up to hear her story.
SIB: How long have you been running?
TT: I started running on the soccer field at age 5, and played a variety of sports growing up. My mom was an active runner, and she did road races that I’d also partake in. I remember running my first road race, “Run to the Farside” in San Francisco at age 10, and have been running ever since.
SIB: What is your favorite distance to run?
TT: Half- Marathon. It’s the perfect distance to get in a groove, but it doesn’t totally wreck your body like a marathon.
SIB: What makes you love running so much?
TT: Breaking a sweat. It clears my mind and feeds happiness into my adventurous soul. 
SIB: What’s your average weekly mileage?
TT: 50-60 miles per week pretty consistently throughout the year.
SIB: Do you run with a team or solo?
TT: Mostly solo on the trail systems at Redwood Regional Park in the mornings. It’s my zen.
SIB: Are you sponsored?
TT: Yeah, Skechers
SIB:  What are you future goals in both running and life?
TT: I’d like to keep running for as long as I can. I’d probably be the woman doing trail adventures and road races until I’m 90 years old.
SIB: What do you like to do when you are not running?
TT: Camping, weekend getaways, relaxing with friends and family, rock climbing, pick up soccer games.
SIB: How did you first hear about the she.is.beautiful race series and why do you keep coming back each year (besides the prize money:)
TT: Five years ago, I was working and living in Santa Barbara on my own and I thought it’d be a nice opportunity to meet fellow runners in the area. I was browsing in the Santa Barbara Running store, and coincidentally saw sign ups for the race that was the next day.  So I signed up right then and there, and I’ve been running She is Beautiful race ever since. It’s an empowering race for all women runners, and I enjoy reading the signs along the course.
SIB: What’s one word you would use to describe how running makes you feel.
TT: It makes me feel confident. I naturally come off as a quiet and soft spoken individual, but when I run it’s an opportunity for me to show my true fierceness and inner confidence.
                                          Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 1.45.07 PM
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1 thought on “10 questions with Tori Tyler; Winner of (many) She.is.beautiful races

  1. Super cool to hear from Tori! Been following her for years now after first seeing her at a SIB. What an inspiration!


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