The highest honor

What does it mean to be a woman race founder and director of an all women’s race?

It’s seeing your dreams in motion. It’s realizing your dreams of having a space where inspiration, kindness, and fierceness prospers, is in line with many other women’s dreams as well. It’s an experiment putting together what you believe will make the world a better place and see how people react to that environment. This race was created to be filled with love and support from start to finish. To add the extra touches and flare, but also hold the street cred of fast legs and strong bodies. Strong bodies of all shapes, abilities, and sizes. The actuality of what the race has turned out to be has by far exceeded our expectations.

Women and girls have made this event their own. They have made this event part of their journey. That itself is the highest honor our team could ever receive. To create an event that means so much to people.

The laughter and smiles of people arriving to the event with their moms, sisters, and girl friends. They are holding hands, high fiving, and taking photos before the race. They are waiting in lines for porta potties, jogging to warm up, easing any pre race jitters. They are looking around at the 6000 women that surround them knowing they are fully supported. They can release any insecurities of feeling out of place. This positivity is contagious and reminds me once again that we are all just energy feeding off each other. It reminds me to always take responsibility of whatever energy I am bringing to each day.

All women’s races are unique and I’m going to put myself on the line to say brings some of the best energy around. In a world that often puts us up against other women wanting us to tear each other down, this event asks each of us to lift each other up. Not only for the good of our own self esteem, but for the young girls we will inspire. We are in fact stronger together. winds along some of the most beautiful coasts in Northern California and we fill our course with many custom quotes and inspirational sayings. Some women race for prize money ( top 3 women in 5k and 10k), others to run their own personal best, but many run and walk to share the memories of this beautiful movement of self love and sweat with their family and friends.

We are constantly asking for feedback and listening to our participants to learn ways to improve the event and experience. We are not perfect, we too are humans. We are a small company, not a franchise or owned by a large brand. We want to hear from you.

If this race truly was an experiment the findings would be that when you put 6,000 women in one place with so much visual and vocal positivity around them, they won’t just thrive- they become more alive than ever. They leave feeling proud, capable, inspired, and dream bigger than ever before. Big dreams; not just for their fitness goals but for their life and how they want it to feel.

Wake up grateful; you’re alive.

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