My ode to race day

It’s like a yellow Starburst, my favorite candy that I very rarely eat, that’s what races are to me. I love them, I don’t do them often but when I do, I savor the flavor.

In a world that has gone so far into the social media and tech world, there’s something truly beautiful about human connection at events that I hold onto like an old blanket. For me it’s more than just the running element. I love laying my outfit out the night before and sometimes painting my nails a fun color (it’s the little things!).  I love waking up, pinning on a number, and sipping coffee with anticipation of a great morning ahead.

Showing up to the starting line to sometimes find myself among old friends and then other times I don’t know a soul in the area. Both experiences are unique, but it’s pretty special running into old friends and co workers, whether or not you are actually planning to do the race with them.

I love watching the people around me, some cruising with their friends and others pouring out all the strength they have that morning into their legs. Taking in the sights, noticing your own self talk during the race, and embracing the energy around you.

When you see the finish line approach, you feel pride. No matter if it was the first or worst race of your life or the fastest you’ve ever completed a race, that finish line is the best thing you’ve seen all morning.

I could stand at a finish line for hours. Watching the faces of every age, size, and ability inspires me from the winner to the last participant. Courage, strength, faith.All the other stuff going on in their life that they have put on hold to just soak up this moment. THAT sparks my heart.

Inspiration to live more fully and the positive energy from races stays with you…it’s juicy and chewy and gets stuck in your teeth like a yellow Starburst. It’s memories stay with you and creep into your heart to remind you why you keep showing up. Not just for the start lines, but for your life.

See you next Saturday!


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