Happy is (still) the new hot

Happy because although some days it feels like chaos is all around you but you have found a way to proceed with calmness.

Happy because you have found the positive connection between your mind and your body.

Happy because you have let go of your feelings of shame and understand that we all have struggled in some aspect of our lives.

Happy because after all these years you do not let someone else’s thoughts of  who they think you are, define your self worth.

Happy because you have chosen to walk forward in your life when some days it’s been a challenge just getting out of bed.

Happy because you are grateful to be alive.

Happy because you continue to learn how powerful your thoughts can be.

Happy, truly happy. Not “put a smile on your face happy” but ” this is me, all the mess and all the beauty, happy.”

Happy because you have learned how to balance having standards while also letting go of expectations.

Happy because you are proud of who you are.

Happy because no one else can define your happiness.

Happy is (still) the new hot.


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