Running before dawn

I love sleep. I rarely sleep in, but everyday I look forward to getting into my pj’s and going to sleep (I’m pretty sure this is normal, right?) So as I kick my feet up to watch the new “Chelsea Does” documentary on Netflix with a big cozy cup of tea and baggy sweatpants,  I ask myself why I get out of bed before the suns, up so often. As I list the reasons, they roll through my mind quickly; which I’m glad about because I’m pretty sure these little buggers are the little voices in my head saying “don’t you dare hit snooze again” at 5am (that was the PG version, these voices are normally lovingly swearing at me).

Because once you’re up and sitting with your coffee you aren’t normally as tired as you feel laying in your bed.

Because once you put on your shoes and you’re out the door, you pat yourself on the back as you pass all the houses that have smart sleeping people still in them.

Because there’s something really beautiful about quite streets lit by street lights (extra bonus if you get a chance to go by the crashing waves of the sleeping ocean).

Because no matter what happened yesterday or last night, you are reminded of this fresh start. The cold morning air is literally hitting you in the face; cleansing your face.

Because when you finish, every single time, when you finish you are so glad you went.

Because every time I finish I am reminded that I am in control of my life, not how it always goes but how I go.

Because you enter the rest of your day already feeling accomplished yet ready to take on the world.

Because at 3pm when you get a little tired, you remember “oh yea I already ran today.”

Because for many people this is the only time then can fit in there day to sweat.

Because it makes me feel awesome. Why would I not want to do that more?!

If you’ve never been a morning runner, try it once and I dare you not to like it.


Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 9.04.09 PM

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