Like a deep cleaning for your soul

For me a new year feels the same way as waking up to a clean kitchen- an amazing clean slate! I’ve never been one to obsess over the idea of new years resolutions but as a personal growth pusher (yep, I’m claiming that term), I have always been keen on fresh starts, big dreams, and creating changes towards something that feels better. When I called Dana Damara back in December to set up a yoga class here in Santa Cruz I was really set on about making it close-ish to the new year, yet far enough away from all the confetti and cliches` so that real life can settle back in and we can get a luminous picture of what we want from 2016. In getting back to the clean kitchen concept, our lives are like kitchens. They are used everyday, they get dirty, they get loved, they get visitors, they need to be cleaned often…and once in awhile they need a deep cleaning.

I am excited to have Dana in town to help cultivate a morning of release and inspiration and a deep cleaning for your soul. I really enjoy helping create spaces where people can feel capable and safe celebrating where they are and how they’ve grown. A place where they feel both worthy and empowered over the control they have over there life and where they want it to go. That is truly the motivation of our upcoming 2016 Best Intentions Yoga Class with Dana Damara on Saturday January 16th.

As a runner my hips are pretty much always tight, I do not know all the correct yoga terms, and I can’t do an unassisted handstand. What I do know for a fact is if you let it, the power of flow yoga is much more than the motions and correct terms of poses. It’s about breathing into spaces of restriction, creating more openness, creating deeper connection between yourself and your subconscious; both in the poses and in life.

While sitting in a quite space and breathing consciously, it’s amazing the feelings that arise. Feeling connected to ourselves and the world around us is incredibly empowering. Often times this allows us to feel a deeper appreciation for who we are (flaws and all!), feel worthy of our dreams, and in more control over how we move through life. Amongst the responsibility of careers, finances, education, or family life, the older I get the more aware I am that this connection to our self can get lost in our priorities. Bills, making meals, cleaning, work projects, life plans, all these items get piled on top of us and we build a hard shell around our deepest most vulnerable self for protection, so we can handle the daily stresses on our plates. While building our shell and taking care of our responsibilities, we suddenly feel like we are on a hamster wheel that we don’t know how to stop. But we all need time to catch our breath. In finding a space to do so, we can take a few moments to unpack all our responsibilities, protectors and walls, to let our deepest self stretch and breathe and fall. Falling out of poses is part of what makes it beautiful. Falling and getting back up and flowing. In this space we can remind ourselves that we do have control over how we move forward in life and into 2016.

So as our arms stretch open from wall to wall, may our hearts continue to crack open and see the love around us. As we twist and breathe into tight spaces in our body, may we see how the power of our breath can influence our reactions and release tensions. As our arms windmill around and the flow of the movement continues may we feel like wind towers creating energy and momentum for our beautiful lives. Keep in mind 3 theme words you hope to inspire your year and we will have a card for you in class to write these down and bring them to life.

We look forward to seeing you next Saturday! Details below:

When: Saturday January 16th 2016, 8am-9:15am

What: present 2016 Best of Intentions Yoga Flow with the incredible Dana Damara

Where: Divini Tree West, 2805 Mission Street Santa Cruz, CA 96060

Cost/Reserving space: 100% donation based class benefitting Girls Elevate. Reserve your spot by making a donation here:

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