Her Journey Matters: Jessica Hassani

Name: Jessica Hassani
Occupation: Momtreprenuer – Owner of FIT4MOM Santa Cruz
When did running first become a regular part of your life?: I’ve run off and on my whole life, but it became a consistent part of my routine when my daughter was born. Running, and working out with other moms, allowed me a chance to get out of the house, exercise, and for both of us to socialize!
What was/is the biggest challenge in working out consistently? Having a baby, toddler, and now independent pre-schooler has challenged my plans and patience many times. But I’ve found that setting a consistent schedule, involving my daughter in the routine, and working out with other moms who understand, keep us on track most days!
What keeps you going? Running and working out make me feel good! And, when I feel good, I am a better wife, mother, friend, business owner and person!
Road or the trail? That’s a tough one; on a Sunny afternoon I’d choose a nice shady trail in Nicene Marks; but if its cool and overcast you’ll find me on West Cliff.
What does healthy look like to you? “Healthy” has so many meanings; but to me it LOOKS like an active family. One where everyone has fun getting in some type of physical activity everyday, and then sets aside time at the end of the day to eat a wholesome meal together.
Along your own life journey, what’s one thing that you know for sure? One thing I am certain of is the age old saying: It takes a Village. We are all capable of so much, but life (and especially parenthood) can be hard at times – finding your Village to offer help, support, and unconditional love is a must! Jessica Hassani.jpg
FIT4MOM Santa Cruz.jpg
             Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 12.07.09 PM
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