Her Journey Matters: Monica DeVreese

Name Monica DeVreese
Occupation Co-Owner of Santa Barbara Running with my hubby
When did running first become a regular part of your life? When I was a freshman in high school. I was a big soccer and basketball player and ran cross country to stay in shape. Who knew I could run long distances?! I went on to win the Oklahoma State Track meet in the mile my freshman and senior year. 
What was/is the biggest challenge in working out consistently? I am a mother of 2 little boys (ages 6 and 4), a wife and a business owner. For me it is all about juggling the family and work schedule. You never know what curveball life will throw you – a sick kid, kid’s soccer practice, getting the household chores complete, work deadlines and so on. There is always something that needs to get done or someone that needs my attention and it usually happens when I am about to head out the door for my run.
What keeps you going? I just love the sport of running. It is a part of who I am. I love instilling commitment to my children. They see their mom and dad going for their run everyday and participating in races and giving back to the local community through the sport. I love knowing that I am setting a positive example for my children and others in the community.
Road or the trail? After I had my second baby it’s mainly trail. My body responds better to running on the trails versus grinding it out on the road. Also, I find peace and beauty on the trails and it gives me such a rejuvenating feeling.
What does healthy look like to you? It’s about respecting the beautiful bodies we were given. It’s putting the right nutrients in our bodies to fuel our busy days. It’s not fat, it’s not skinny. It’s taking care of this machine and keeping it well fueled and keeping it running strong
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