1k Club Challenge

1,000 miles- that’s right. We know that sometimes this whole winter thing can make us all want to stay inside with a warm cup of hot chocolate and our favorite movies. Yes, you should do that…it’s what makes winter so great. But hey, we’re not bears let’s not completely hibernate!

You know what makes hot chocolate taste better, movies even more relaxing, crazy family gatherings more fun, and feasts more delicious?! Knowing you’ve already crushed some miles, got some fresh air, and endorphins bubbling.

If it rains, break out the running rain gear or if you are walking bring an umbrella or hefty rain jacket. You just may be surprised how FUN it is. But prepare yourself for the cooler temperature, let’s set ourselves up for success. What’s not fun is running in too little clothing where you can’t feel your feet, nose or hands- so bundle up!

We want to see you in action, so keep us posted on your activity by tagging @runsheisbeautiful #SIB1kclub

By joining our 1k club you are committing to running, jogging, walking or a combo of all three, 1,000 miles by the end of 2016. You must sign up for the Challenge by December 20th, as the it begins January 1st 2016. You can sign up for the challenge when you register for our Santa Cruz event (registration opens Oct. 29th 2016 for our March 26th race date) or if you don’t live in the area or can’t make the race you can register on our shop site here.

To learn more about the details click here: http://www.runsheisbeautiful.com/1k-CLUB


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