Pinterest might not approve

Running is one of my favorite outlets, but it’s great to have other hobbies too. You don’t have to be “good” at something for it to be a hobby of yours.

I’ve made a lot of crafts in my life that I ended up throwing away. I’ve finish projects that I realize I don’t really love how they turned out so I recycled it’s pieces. So when I told my husband I was off to the craft store, he mumbled something like “remember the last time you made something…waste of money…blah blah blah.” (He’s actually a supportive person, I promise! There was one time I decided I would take it upon myself to re-tile the bathroom floor and it turned out very….interesting. So in his defense, it always come back to the bathroom floor.)

But as I stood painting strips of wood in my sweatpants and barefeet, I smiled. I just spent 30 minutes 100% in the moment. It was relaxing, rejuvenating, and inspiring. It cleared stress and reinvigorated my body. Piece by piece, I was staining strips of wood (I realize it’s pretty hard to mess this up) without instruction or worry if I was doing it right. That’s the thing about me with crafts, for better or for worse I never follow instructions or do things the “right way”. There is very little research that goes into my crafts. For me it’s a space where there are no rules or restrictions. There’s also no expectations. Yes, I have a goal of what I am trying to make in mind, sometimes I make it there and it’s awesome. Other times, finish and I don’t love it or it’s a complete disater…but I’m totally ok with recycling it. You see what I’ve come to realize about my crafting, is that it’s a space where the outcome doesn’t matter. Nearly every time I set out to do some sort of craft, it nearly always inspires me in some way. And that’s what I take from it. If I get a fabulous scarf or blanket from the experience it’s just a bonus.

I think having a space for something like this in your life is a great way to remind yourself that it’s the lessons we learn along the journey, not necessarily the outcome. Life’s short, get messy!

Craft on and don’t let Pinterest intimidate you! Creation inspires creation…if nothing more, when you don’t put so much pressure on yourself about “being a creative person”, crafts are just a lot of fun.

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