Your Journey Matters

In an age where we are bombarded with social media and reality tv, we are inundated with images of other people’s lives. What they eat, who they’re with, where they vacationed. Don’t get me wrong, there’s something beautiful about sharing our experience, some of which reveal images we may never be exposed to like third world countries or foreign communities we may see if social media wasn’t around (I will also say, I genuinely love being an observer of my friends images…yes, even the baby, running, and coffee at the beach pictures).

But what we must hold onto is the journey of our own. Our behind the scenes, our stumbling, our frustrations, our stories of where we’ve been and where we are going, these are part of what makes us into the people we are today. Our stories make us unique and allow us to offer our own perspective to the world.

Unlike Instagram, our real life isn’t full of the perfect filters. The moments are full of courage and vulnerability, tears and frustrations, challenges and questioning, laughter and joy, successes and pride, failures and new beginnings, wonder and dreams. It’s all part of the ride to where you want to go.

Sometimes our path is clear and we can see the journey ahead. Many times it’s kinda blurry. Like you can see it but it’s foggy and feels very far away. Sometimes it feels like a dead-end that we’re trying to push through but it keeps telling us to turn around.

We all have reasons why we keep going. We all look for inspirations and motivations to reinvigorate our goals. You’re not alone.

Your journey matters.


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