Walk inside your story or hustle for your worthiness

“Either you walk inside your story and own it or walk outside your story and hustle for your worthiness.”- Brene Brown

Whoa. That’s some good stuff right there. Did anybody read that quote and not reflect upon your life? Talk about putting a mirror in front of you. This quote is the good stuff, the real talk, the place where inspiration to live more fully, more honestly…to live your truth, lies.

For some reason or another we walk around like we aren’t all going or have gone through the same thing. Insecurities and exhaustion, every single one of us has been there; heck, we are there. But we grab our coffee and put on our best shoes and keep on trucking.

Some of my favorite things to do is lay my life on the table. Just put it out there, “____________ these are the things I’m struggling with, oh yea, and my laundry is out of control and my windshield is cracked.” I love my life, I love my job, but this this is not perfect, this is my story. It’s messy, it’s sweaty, it’s hard work, and to me it’s beautiful.

I can guarantee you that lady with the killer outfit in front of you, yea that one wearing white pants and you’re wondering how the heck she’s kept them so white or the lady with the matching running outfit that’s out the door for her run every morning at 5am, both of those ladies have gone through or is going through similar thoughts that you are or have. Obviously all of our backgrounds and responsibilities differ, but there’s much more cross over than we let others believe.

This quote above spoke to me because it reminds me that it’s ok to have all these fears and worries, it’s ok to talk about them, and it’s ok to keep thriving forward and showing up with your best attitude despite them. That’s what walking ( or running 🙂 ) in your own shoes and owning your story is all about.

It’s those that try to stay in this box and refuse to show their weakness, those are the ones who are working hard to not let them show. Either that or they are robots. Perfection is exhausting. You spend too much time trying to keep everything together that you forget the beauty of falling apart. You often don’t try new things in fear of failing and showing your imperfections.

Some of the most inspiring people I know are the ones that fall the hardest. They fall because they keep pushing the boundaries, doing new things despite the outcome. To them falling is part of life. They try, sometimes they fall, they grow, they get back up, they keep going.

For some people entering a race is the scariest thing. They worry they will get last or won’t be able to finish. For others it’s moving somewhere new or changing jobs or leaving a bad relationship or meeting new people.

For me it’s public speaking. It scares the shit out of me every time. So I keep putting myself in these situations where I have to do it. It doesn’t always go well, but I always survive and I know with practice, one day it won’t be so scary.

Fail, fall, and have the courage to get back up. Repeat.

Everybody does it.

Live your truth.

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