Meet June’s Beauty Mark…


Name: Jasmin

Age: 30

Hometown: Watsonville, CA

Job: EHR Application Analyst

Thinking back to the different times I attempted to run, I can see now why I couldn’t stick with it. Going back to my memories of running as I was growing up all I can recall are not so pleasant memories. Memories of embarrassment, humiliation, feelings of not being old enough, good enough, fast enough or thin enough. However, all those feelings started melting away a few years ago. My second pregnancy not only brought along twin boys but also over 100lbs of weight gain. I knew I had to lose weight and a lot of it. It was not healthy for me to be at the weight I was plus I wanted to set a good example for my very observant 6 year old daughter. One step at a time on the treadmill. One brave moment at a time running out on the street. One adventure trip at a time going out on trails. I fell in love with running. Running became not only a good way for me to lose a significant amount of weight but it also supplied much needed time I yearned for reflection. Personal time for prayer with each step, with each jump over a root, with each drop of sweat of my face. I was I am grateful for the time out there on the road, on the trail or even on the treadmill. I now understand that running is a gift not everyone has but we can share. Years ago I would not have been able to appreciate the gift running is and the peace that comes with it. So, I am thankful for those “not so pleasant” memories because they make my running adventures so much more amazing and memorable.

How long ago did you start running? 3 ½ years ago

What inspired you to start running? My Pastor ran his first 10k when he was about 60. I had just delivered my HUGE twin boys 4 months before and had many, many pounds to loose. I thought if my pastor can run a 10k I can run more than 1 mile.

What has been your biggest recent challenge in running? Speed, I am fearful of failing. When it comes to running my goals up until this year were to finish the run or finish the race. Time didn’t matter. Really, I was just too scared to be pushed out of my comfort zone and have the possibility to fail. That is until this year’s Santa Cruz Beautiful. Three years ago I said I wanted to run a 10k under an hour. beautiful 2015 was my first attempt at that goal. Several good runs with some awesome fast ladies, a running streak that started January 1st of 2015 and the big man upstairs guiding my steps. My time for the 10k was under an hour. Not once in all my races have I teared up like I did after getting the email notification with my official time. It was AWESOME!

Who are the top 3 most inspiring women in your life? I have many ladies that I find very inspiring.

  • The ladies in the Watsonville chapter of Moms Run This Town are all amazing. They all have their own story, own experience, own awesomeness that rubs off on anyone they encounter. They’ve thought me to pick up my pace and how to get up when I am down.
  • Ladies from my church family that have a hunger for God and his word but are also some hardcore ladies running 50k races and shredding single track on their mountain bike. I look at them and know you can be a wife, mother, sister and employee while also serving others with a grateful heart then go out and rock some trails.
  • One particular sister in God Vivien taught me how to pray in all situations no matter how big or how small. That has been one of the biggest impacts in my running…prayer while running.
  • Last my sister Esme, who when I was younger I aspired to run like she did. One of my goals when I started running was to be able to run a race with her. That goal was met twice! The first was a half marathon in 2013 the second was Santa Cruz 2014.

What’s your favorite piece of running gear? My race shirts. Each one has a story, each one has been earned.

How has your pace and running distance changed since you started? When I started running 3 ½ years ago I would run a mile in 15 minutes…on a treadmill. At that point I was too embarrassed to have people see me running. I would be out of breath and dripping sweat thankful that the mile was over really not a pretty sight. Now, my fastest mile is around 8:40. The longest distance I covered was a 50k August 2014.

In one word, how does running make you feel? BLESSED

What’s your next goal in running? 50 miler


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