Our mission at She.is.beautiful is to bring people together for the greater good of their health, self love, and confidence.  Life can be a roller coaster, challenging, or just plain hard; but we believe it’s possible to make it better. Moving our bodies together, supporting one another in our journey, and doing more things that make us happy is something worth making time for. We believe that finding grounding space in our bodies through movement is important and paves the way for more inner peace. We believe more inner peace, leads to more outer peace…and vice versa.

And so we are doing just that. Dream Catchers is a boutique event we are hosting this summer in both Capitola and Santa Barbara. Like our races, this event is open to all levels and promises a good time. Maybe you can do a handstand, maybe you have never tried yoga before; everyone is welcome. Like our races, you will get some great swag. Each participant will receive an official event sweatshirt. Unlike our races, this event is an all inclusive 2 hour event with ocean side yoga with great music, guided mediation, activity, and a delicious cup of coffee or tea. We encourage those who are interested to show up early for a complimentary 3 mile group run/walk/skip or jog with our friend Mary of Train with Mary.

As described by Terri J. Andrews of “Living by the Dream”, Dream Catchers are objects which “only good dreams would be allowed to filter through… Bad dreams would stay in the net, disappearing with the light of day.” Good dreams would pass through and slide down the feathers to the sleeper.

We believe moving your body and mind can be a dream catcher. We believe with practice you can let bad pass through you …or sit with it awhile and then let it go. We believe in holding on to the dreams, the goals, the love, and the good.

Registration for this event ( both in Capitola and Santa Barbara) opens June 1st . The cost for the event is $49/person and includes event sweatshirt. Capitola’s event takes place on Saturday July 11th 8am-10am and Santa Barbara’s event takes place Saturday August 29th 9am-11am.

Registration will take place on our website by clicking the black “Dream Catcher” tab.

dream catcher

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2 thoughts on “Dream.Catcher

  1. Caroline Hayes May 28, 2015 — 5:04 pm

    I’m SO excited for this event in Santa Barbara! I just wanted to clarify the date. July 29 is a Wednesday, did you mean Saturday July 25? Either way, I will be there! 🙂


    1. Hey Caroline- yes we are so excited too:) It’s August 29th- I just made the correction! Hope you can still make it.


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